The Conversations Project

The Conversations Project

Brandon Hatton
February 2023



 Myfishin' pole's broke the creek is full of sand

Mywoman run away with another man

Nomatter how I struggle and strive

I'llnever get out of this world alive

-Hank Williams


We all suffer from a terminal condition – it’s called birth.


Living in Miami Beach I have a front row seat to the great lengths we as humans can go through to slow down aging, but all the skin cream, nip/tuck and aerobic exercise will not make you younger. Time keeps on ticking and nobody gets out of this world alive. Depressing, you may say? Perhaps.


My biggest concern is not dying but never actually living. The paradox of course is you can’t really live your life unless you face death as a real possibility. And not the quick nod of the head, like, yeah, ok, I know I am going to die. But really look at it square in the eyes. To be honest, I am not sure how to do this without a health scare, car accident, or other near-death experience – so I can’t be much help since I hardly recommend you induce of those.


However, one thing I do recommend to appreciate the reality of death and start to really live your life is to talk to your loved ones about end-of-life care. As a family advisor, I see these conversations put off until the last moment when the conversations are done under duress. Ideally, you should have these conversations well before the end of life. I have these conversations with my parents every few years because not only am I their financial advisor (talk about pressure), but I am also the one who will need to communicate with their doctors when/if some difficult decisions need to be made.


The best resource I have found to navigate these conversations is The Conversations Project Starter Kit. I have used this document to guide us through decisions around long-term care, health care, continuing to drive a car, and end-of-lifecare. I don’t love talking about these things, but the conversations are necessary, grounded, and provide me with courage to face the inevitability of my parents’ (and my death).

And that allows me to live. I mean actually live!


As a friend and advisor, I strongly recommend you spend time on The Conversations Project and start the conversation with your loved ones today.






Brandon Hatton on behalf of Conscious Wealth

President, Chief Investment Officer



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