Transforming Money into Conscious Wealth™

Awaken a new way to lead

Transforming Money Into Conscious Wealth™ is a senior-level coaching course that offers a new way to live and lead with purpose. Four modules explore the key themes of Abundance, Purpose, Impact, and Unity. By learning how to reframe what wealth means, you can remove what exhausts you and infuse what fulfills you. From this mindset, you become a more effective leader — living a more satisfied life.

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About the Course

Gain hands-on learning and engaging conversation…

…that challenges you to:
•  Redefine your relationship with money
•  Learn how to transform money into purpose
•  Know how to engage your family in conversations about money
•  Explore how money can foster unity and connection
•  Empower leadership in family and community

Upon completing the course, you’ll have a new foundation for having conversations with your family about money and wealth — and redefine what a prosperous life means.

Included Materials
Conscious Wealth: Money, Investing and a Financial Awakening for the Person Who Has It All
Card Game: Conscious Wealth Conversations
Online Portal: Tools, videos, and exercises available in an online environment


Module one

Cultivating Abundance

In this module, we explore Abundance — the belief that “I have enough.” Often, people with high-earning power can become stuck in a cycle of pursuing the next level of success. What once was enough to fulfill their lives and their families becomes insufficient at the next echelon. And while working harder and longer can help people reach short-term goals, it doesn’t create what they really want to achieve: a life of security and abundance.

With Transforming Money Into Abundance, you will look at your limiting, long-held beliefs around money. You’ll examine how your worth goes beyond the abundance of money and encompasses their resources, relationships, and love. This framework may challenge you to define money differently. By doing so, you can free yourself from the fear of not having enough and foster a new mindset of wealth with your family.

In this module, you will:
•  Answer the question, What does “having enough” right now mean?
•  Examine your memories around money and learn how to reshape those associations
•  Identify what wealth exists in your life beyond money
•  Learn how to cultivate an abundance mindset with your family
•  Find satisfaction without deprivation

Module two

Awakening Purpose

In this module, we explore Purpose — the knowing of significance and worth. Often, creating wealth comes at the cost of destruction: long hours, stressful days, depleted focus. And when we prioritize building something of value for others, we can diminish the connections we have with ourselves, our family, and our communities. In response, many people turn to spending more money in order to find a sense of purpose. Yet, this solution only keeps us trapped in using consumption for happiness and, as a result, unfulfilled with our lives.

With Transforming Money Into Purpose, you will learn how to use wealth to foster genuine connection. You’re encouraged to define how to spend money in new ways that cultivate authenticity and let go of spending that no longer serves you. From there, you have a foundation for talking with your family about spending habits and redefining your collective wealth relationship.

In this module, you will:
•  Answer the question, How can my money cultivate my purpose?
•  Identify what feeling significant in life means to you
•  Discover how spending habits can balance purpose and convenience
•  Uncover a new wealth purpose to share with your family
•  Heal relationships in work, family, and business


Module Three

Creating Impact

In this module, we explore Impact — the effect of our actions and decisions. Many executives desire to impact their communities outside of their work. However, busy schedules and overworked lives can mean dedicating the time and energy to do so isn’t practical or attainable. Without this community engagement, people often feel guilty or selfish, which only further divides them from the positive impact they wish to make.

With Transforming Money Into Impact, you will explore ways to positively impact society from exactly where you are. You’ll be challenged to use your work, company, and industry as a force for good. You also will consider your financial choices and investments, and explore the responsibility you hold with your money and decisions. By uncovering what being a force of change means for yourself, your family, and your communities, you learn how to invigorate these efforts. From this awareness, you can nurture generosity and impact the world in the ways you believe fulfill your purpose.

In this module, you will:
•  Answer the question, What impact will I make?
•  Clarify your vision for the world and how you’re adding value
•  Define your role in business and as an industry leader
•  Learn how to lead your family, friends, and community into making impact-based decisions
•  Understand how your decisions can better personal and community outcomes

Module Four

Fostering Unity

In this module, we explore Unity — the concept of universal connection. Pursuing success and high-earning careers can result in having more money than one person or family needs. As a result, knowing what to do with the excess can become a challenge. Giving money to our children is common yet can cause concerns over how and how much. Further, inheritance discussions with children or grandchildren can feel difficult and create unintended consequences. Releasing ourselves and our families from excess isn’t always an easy endeavor.

Transforming Money Into Unity explores how sharing abundance and purpose with others around you is essential for Conscious Wealth®. You’ll explore high-level concepts and gain practical perspectives into understanding how release from excess can lead to higher life satisfaction. You’ll discuss the healing powers of returning some of your accumulated power and wealth to the world, and the profound ripple effect of “giving your money away.” Further, you’ll gain tools to start meaningful conversations with your family around inheritance and philanthropic gifting that can create a legacy of unity with others.

In this module, participants will:
•  Answer the question, What excess do I have that I can share with others?
•  Discover how money can unite families and communities
•  Explore how to use inheritance as a tool for good
•  Question what separateness exists in your life and how to reframe this mindset
•  Understand how true wealth comes from empowering others


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Let’s discover where you want to cultivate abundance, what purpose you wish to serve, what impact you wish to make, or the unity the you will create through Transforming Money into Conscious Wealth.