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I have enough. I am enough. I embrace abundance.

Imagine being able to center yourself from a mindset that who you are and what you have in life is enough for you to be happy. That having all the money possible is no longer a driver for leading a fulfilled life. Feels freeing, doesn’t it? A life of abundance is possible — and waiting for you. Conscious Wealth can be your way forward.

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Deepen your family’s money conversations

At The Center for Conscious Wealth®, we help people engage in meaningful conversations about money and overcome challenges holding them back from harmony. We work with families, business partners, and individuals to awaken an abundance mindset and unlock prosperity and unity for the future.


Reframe what wealth means to you

Conscious Wealth illustrates a new mindset around money and a framework for investing that’s also a call for reform in the financial services industry. Sharing lessons learned during his own journey, author Brandon Hatton helps readers develop a healthy relationship with money and awaken a life of abundance.

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Make talking about money fun

Talking with your family about money is essential. But let’s face it — these conversations can be tough. Conscious Wealth Conversations is a card game to facilitate productive and meaningful financial discussions. The aim is to uncover what money means to you as a family and unite around common goals that help you cultivate abundance.

Transforming Money into Conscious Wealth®

Awaken a new way to lead

Transforming Money Into Conscious Wealth is a senior-level coaching course that offers a new way to live and lead with purpose. Four modules explore the key themes of Abundance, Purpose, Impact, and Unity. By learning how to reframe what wealth means, you can remove what exhausts you and infuse what fulfills you. From this mindset, you become a more effective leader — living a more satisfied life.

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Module 1 — Cultivating Abundance

In this module, we explore Abundance — the belief that “I have enough.”

Module 2 — Awakening Purpose

In this module, we explore Purpose — the knowing of significance and worth.

Module 3 — Creating Impact

In this module, we explore Impact — the effect of our actions and decisions.

Module 4 — Fostering Unity

In this module, we explore Unity — the concept of universal connection.

All About Adventure

Alissa and Brandon discuss the emotional and vulnerable aspects of adventure, sharing their personal experiences of taking risks and facing emotions within their minds. They encourage embracing uncertainty and breaking out of fixed mindsets for personal growth, emphasizing the importance of safety and open communication in relationships, and reflect on their own adventures, including therapy and life changes.

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Adventure and Investment

JP and Brandon discuss the growing popularity of adventurous investing in real estate and collectibles, cautioning against excessive risks fueled by excitement. They emphasize the importance of conscious wealth management, urging investors to understand their choices, assess potential risks and rewards, and maintain a balanced mix in large real estate portfolios for minimized risks during financial adventures.

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Exploring Balance

Brandon and Alissa talk about the importance of balance in various aspects of life, sharing an anecdote about moving to a new apartment for better balance and discussing lessons from their trip to Nepal. They acknowledge the challenges of finding equilibrium in new environments and emphasize the significance of balance in dealing with grief and fostering healthy communication, setting the stage for a monthly video series exploring different themes.

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Balance in Investing

Brandon and JP emphasize the crucial role of balancing growth and income for investment managers. They note that the traditional 60/40 portfolio approach is challenged by the Federal Reserve's recent actions, making active balancing crucial for investment success, especially in a correlated market where alternative options like private equity and venture capital may be necessary.

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Conscious Wealth LIVING :: Balance Explored

In our first ever recorded conversation, Alissa Harper Pease and Brandon Hatton explore the topic of balance.

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Conscious Wealth Investing iNSIGHTS :: Balance!

Brandon & JP explore balance in this month's CWI iNSIGHTS video.

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